Q: What does it cost to register?

A: See the Event Details page

Q: Can I Register as an individual or Team?

A: YES! There are solo and team slots avaiable. Remember. There's strength in numbers. Assemble your team now.

Q: Is there a cap on the number of Runner entries?

A: Excellent question! Yes. Due to space limitations at the venue we will be limiting the number or runners. We recommend that you do not delay. Signup or Assemble your team now

Q: What do I get for registering?

A: You will receive entry into the race, a custom event toque, a custom bib number, finisher medal, official chip timing and results.

Q: What happens if I lose all of my health flags?

A: Don't worry! You may still enjoy the thrill and complete the course. However, you will not be allowed to help any other runners and you will not be allowed to inhibit the other runners in any way.

Q: How hardcore are the DeadCold? Will they really be chasing me?

A: The DeadCold will try to suck the warm life out of you by stealing your flags but our DeadCold should be relatively well behaved. MOST DeadCold will stay in a defined area and will not give chase. They have been instructed to grab flags ONLY. The key is to bob and weave around them when you encounter them on the course.

Q: Will I be able to defend myself from the DeadCold?

A: The DeadCold, though mindless and bloodthirsty, will be highly trained and will only go for your health flags.   ALL weapons are prohibited even simulated ones so leave your snowball maker at home.

Speed and agility are your only weapons here.

Q: What time should I arrive for my race? 

A: We recommend that you arrive no less that one hour before your race.

Q: I like to run barefoot. What surfaces will I be running on?

A: Think snow, ice, hills (both up and down)....standing, crawling, sliding, climbing, etc..

Q: What’s with the belt?

A: You will be issued an adjustable belt which you will wear around your waist. You will be issued two health flags that you will tuck into your race belt. The flags must be visible and grabbable at all times. You may not tie them, glue them or duct tape them to your person. You are not allowed to pick up health flags off the ground during the race.

Q: How many people will be in each wave? 

A: We plan on starting 250 athletes every 5 minutes until all athletes are on the course.  This timing may change.

Q: Can we preview the course?

A: No. There will be no course previews. Prepare for anything. The course is 5km….with a few twists and turns. Make sure you follow the directions of the volunteers – they’ll let you know the best way to go!

Q: How does the team event work?

A1: Warmblooded Teams - You can race for your life as an individual, or as a team of 4.  Male, female, coed – doesn’t matter!  Pick 3 others who are ready for some fun! 

Your goal is to survive….together!  Team members can pass their flags as needed, to their team captain.   Act together as ‘popsicle shields’ to ensure that your captain (or more members) cross the with both flags!

A2: WARMBLOOD CHASER Teams - As a team of 4, you act as a wolf-pack and chase after all those warm-blooded survivors!  The more health-flags you can gather, the stronger your team becomes!

Q: Will this be a competitive, timed event?

A: Yes! This is a race for your life!  AND it is about fun and surviving the cold.  If you’re out to set a personal record, this probably isn’t the right race to attempt it. There are many novice participants and don’t forget about the DeadCold who will get in your way and slow you down.

Timing applies to everyone!

Q: My teammate was injured in an unfortunate smelting accident. Can we change team members?

A: Yes. A limited number of changes can be accommodated.

Q: Where will the DeadCold be?

A: Everywhere...

Q: How should I prepare?


Also we recommend doing a few hikes through deep snow!

Q: Where can I park?

A: Ample parking is available in Hawreluk Park. 

Q: How old do I have to be to register?

A: Participants in the 5km must be 8 years or older to register.

RUNNER and DeadCold RULES:

* If all of your flags have been taken, you are NOT automatically transformed into the DeadCold and you may NOT take another runner’s flags, chase other runners, or pick up flags off the ground. 

* Direct and intentional physical contact with any runner or DeadCold is strictly prohibited. You are not to touch, hit, punch, tackle, roundhouse kick, slap, scratch, pinch, spit on, bite, or do anything harmful to the physical health of our DeadCold or other runners… no matter how frightened or frightening you may be. Those in violation of this rule will be automatically disqualified and potentially escorted off of the grounds, without refund. 

* Flags are to be visible to course officials and DeadCold (not covered by your snowsuit) and to be worn on the sides of the body. 

* Participants must wear their bib number clearly shown on the front of their clothing. Participants will not be allowed to race without an official bib number. 

* Working as a team with friends, family, and strangers is allowed and recommended… it’s the living vs. the undead. Use your juicy brains and the ones around you. 

* Runners and DeadCold must be 8 years of age or older by race day in order to participate. 


* No weapons or mock weapons will be permitted on the premises. 

* No pets are allowed into the event grounds. Not even if they’re trained to hunt DeadCold. 

* Participants and spectators must abide by all instructions given from the race directors, race staff, volunteers, and medical personnel. 

* Photographers and videographers will be stationed along the course. 


Runners can choose to skip an obstacle, but since these are designed to help you escape the DeadCold, you'll likely be a popsicle sooner than you think. If there are reasons you cannot complete an obstacle, due to medical reasons, please alert a course official to safely skip the obstacle.  Again, any direct and intentional physical contact with any runner or the DeadCold is strictly prohibited.


Would you like to be a DeadCold?  Who wouldn’t? Our DeadCold’ mission is simple: to steal the runners health flags.

Our DeadCold will arrive an hour before their shift in order to either be placed along the course, or be forced to stand outside to really feel the part!


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